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View all computer repairs that we have completed here in Yehey Japan over the years. From cracked computer screens, hardware problems such as overheating issues, keyboard issues, computer not powering on, Japanese to English conversion and virus and malware removal.

Solved Overheating Memory Upgrade and Japanese to English Conversion

Mr. Ryan Gonzalez is a gaijin based in Japan.  He sent his laptop computer to Yehey Japan because his computer was not powering up.  We diagnosed the problem as having an overheating issue. We had to disassemble to laptop to clean the fans and cpu.  We also upgraded the memory and converted the operating system […]

Virus Removal for customers

This is a sample virus removal for a customer [image url=”” link=”” title=”” size=”medium” target=”” lightbox=”true” align=”left” autoheight=”false” ] [space ]   OTHER SCREEN PROBLEMS WE HAVE FIXED IN THE PAST. [recentpost items=”5″ showthumb=”yes” date=”yes” cat_name=”virus-removal” ]   Yehey Japan Repair Service has been repairing all kinds of computers, tablets and smartphones in Japan since […]

Motherboard problem no power for Rei Yoshizawa

Ms. Rei Yoshizawa is a gaijin based in Japan.  She sent her laptop computer to Yehey Japan because her computer was not powering on.  The problem was diagnosed as being  a dead motherboard (motherboard problem) and we needed an IR machine to fix it. We had to disassemble the laptop and take out the motherboard area. […]