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Why our customers love us?

Our goal is to make you happy!  That's why we fix your problem using the fastest and most cost effective way.  We care for you and your tech devices. 

Phones & Tablets Repair

We fix all phones and tablets from Apple i-Phones, i-Pads, Samsung, Sony and other popular brands

Cracked Screen

Whether it's an accident or not, we fix the big damage that can come from the smallest of falls.

Camera Failure

Your gadget doesn't want to take your selfie photos anymore then have no fear because Yehey is here.

Home button Problem

The home button is not responding to presses... Or sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't 🙂

iCloud Unlocking

iCloud problem? You have got a used iPhone that you can’t set up. Don't worry! We got the solution for you!

Won't Power On

You've pressed the power button gazzilion times but it's still not working. 

Battery Not Charing

Battery is not charging anymore or the battery doesn't last long after charge.

Head Phone Jack

You wanted to listen to music so you plugged your earphones but nothing's coming out.

Touch Screen Problem

Touchscreen doesn't always respond to swipes and presses.  It feels it has a mind of it's own.  

Computer Repair

We fix computer problems like virus infection, corrupted OS, Hard-drive failure and many more!

Remove Virus & Malware

We can remove, Viruses, Trojans & Malware that has infected your computer making it very slow.

Reformat your computer

Your computer's operating system got damaged and it needs to be reformatted.  We can do this!

Backup Important files

So your laptop died but you want to recover those priceless photos in your hard-drive.

Japanese to English

Your computer is speaking Japanese but you speak English?  We can convert the language 🙂  

Keyboard Problem

So maybe the keys of your keyboard are not typing the way they should. We can help you with this problem.

No Power

You've tried different plugs but still your computer is not powering up.  We can help you solve this problem.

Screen Damaged

Somebody accidentally stepped on your computer and now the screen is broken.  We can help you fix this.

Other Problems

We can solve other problems too, like overheating issues, water damage, AC port problem and many more.

Our Service

What you'll get from us.

Best Hardware Doctors

We get not just the right people but the best people who are meticulous and hardworking.

The best replacement parts

We only use the best replacements parts that are original compatible, guaranteed to work with your device.

1 Month Warranty

We are so confident of our work that we offer you 1 month warranty in all devices we have fixed.

Support Team you will love

Should you need to contact us, our customer support team would be there to assist you!

Fast Repair Service

We know that you can’t live without your device that’s why we always want a fast turn-around repair time.

No Fix No Pay

If we can’t find a solution to fix your device then we won’t charge you for anything!

How much will it cost?

Our prices are the lowest in the market. Check it below!

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SB: 080-3601-0114 to 17       PH: 03-4550-1409 
FB: facebook.com/yeheyjp

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